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Sell crossborder in Peru

Cash is the preferred way to pay in the country with more than 86% of transactions.

Peru was one of the regions that grew the most during the pandemic with +51% in 2021.

Lets us show you how to sell more in Peru with the best tools and providers.

Vende mas en Perú ende mas en Perú aceptando todos los medios de pago locales, sin entidad local te mostramos que medios de pago son importantes en Peru.

Interesting data


Cash reigns supreme in Peru with +86% transactions 85% contactless payments made this way.

Sell crossborder in Peru with us.

Expensive card processing

Card processing costs are among the highest in the region and the world.


Peru offers several alternatives to cash and local wallets.

Brutal growth of electronic commerce

During the lockdown, 51% of the population bought more online. Let us show you how to sell crossborder in Peru.

We help you connect with Peru

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