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Dollars on ecommerce sales for 2021

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Ecommerce has grown for the past five years over 25% on average. It is expected that the growth will be of up to 28% by 2024.

The highest GDP in Latin America and the closest to Europe – Us there is in the region.

Chileans love to buy goods from overseas and international websites has been very sucessfull in the region for a while.


Interesting Facts

High growth region

Projections expect ecommerce growth to remain stable for the upcoming years.

Chile is the most developed economy in the whole lf Latam.

Chile has always surprised positively International companies that started selling in the region.

No fraud on cards

Because cards can only be processed using 3d secure / verified by visa protocol, the chances to receive a chargeback for a card payment are extremely low.

Do not worry about fraud and onversion, Chileans have been using 2 digit autentication for a long time.

Large sales volumes

Ecommerce sales on the B2C sector were over 10,000 million dollars for 2020.

With the highest GDP and cost of living similar to Europe and the US pricing can be fairly similar in Chile.

Investment in Chile can offer quite interesting returns when done right.

Buy Now Pay later for ages

All cards offer installments allowing for a higher conversion specially for high price items.

Installments are available on checkout using a drop down menu that allows the buyer to select the number of months for re-payment.

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