We connect Latam for you

Open your business to more than 654 million customers and receive local payments.

What do we do?

We help you to make your landing in Latam turbulence-free.

Our job is to make you to have all the knowledge and the best tools available to make your entry to Latin America hassle free. Create the best market entry strategy with all the marketing insights we will provide you with.

The 3 W’s

We connect you

+100 alternative payment methods, buy now pay later, bank transfers & deposits, local wallets, cash payments, credit and debit cards and much more.

We assess you

You will know first hand of any changes that impact your business, to make sure that everything is being done the way it should.

We inform you

The best strategies to be able to grow your business in a healthy and scalable way, with tailor made region-based information adapted to your needs.

Why Latam?

Young population with a growing interest in new technologies.

More than 10 million people made their first online purchase during the pandemic.

Online Payments adoption on the rise

Even though cash is still king the use of online payment solutions is increasing exponentially across the region.

Positive Projections

It is expected that in 2022 more than 18% of ecommerce transactions will be made using local electronic wallets. In 2021 every country in the region reported a 2 digit % growth.

Data speaks for itself

Be international by being local.

Latina Americans are used to make purchases on international websites and they have a positive assessment of foreign brands.

To be able to reach the Latam public effectively it’s important to consider:

  • Provide local support
  • Localize content.
  • Adapt to the Latin culture.
  • Pricing in local currency.
  • Accept local payments.
  • Presence in social media.

Following these steps will increase your chances to succeed in Latin America and we will help you along the way to get there.

Sell in Latam without a local entity.

Land of opportunities

A young population that loves to embrace new technologies, a growing technological ecosystem, infrastructure in constant improvement, mid class growing, more channels & tools to sell online, Latin America has a greater potential for sustained growth than other regions.

Venture capital investment in the first half of 2021 has outpaced any previous recorded year, with more unicorns than ever and more than 100 tech companies valued at more than $1 billion, an indicator of investor’s confidence of this region and it’s potential.

Did you know that?

To be truly local:

Most cards issued in Latin America do not work on international payment processors without a local connection.

PayPal and Stripe do not cover the whole of Latin America.

More than cards:

Alternative payment methods are gaining more importance in the region, (Pix in Brazil became the most used payment method online in Brazil ahead of cards).

If you do not know Oxxo, Spei or 7Eleven in Mexico, Multicaja Servipag or Mach in Chile, Pagoefectivo in peru, Rapipago and Pagofacil in Argentina, Efecty and Baloto in Colombia, or Boleto and Pix in Brazil we will help you know them and understand whay they are important and relevant.

No need for a local entity

Forget setting up and entity, lawyers, accountants’ bureaucracies and long waiting times.

Accelerate your go to market time, accepting payments in local currency with local payments.

Receive your sales in euros or dollar wherever you want.

Advice and training

Selling in Latam without entity

Aimed at small and medium-sized companies from all over the world for whom traditional internationalisation is a big outlay without any guarantee of success. You will sell in Latin America without large investments or complexities from the beginning. We will accompany you from start to finish, and even afterwards we will continue to advise you on when is the best time to set up an entity.

Payments training

If you think you know everything about digital payments, read no further. If you have continued, concepts such as crossborder, compliance, hosted may not sound familiar to you, but they have a lot to do with the industry. If you want to become the person in your company who manages this department or you simply need to expand your knowledge on the subject, this is the section for you.


“Latam Digital Bridge is helping us us a lot with our international expansion, be it regulatory or legal matters. Their support is saving us time and money”.

Christian Ribeiro.
CCO Latam Gateway

"Grasping the nuances of how payments work in different regions across the work goes beyond offering the local alternatives. Latam Digital Bridge has been my go-to company for anything Latam ever since I stumbled across their very impressive local acumen but also very strong work ethics and a fun personality which makes it so easy to work together.No wool over your eyes, plain, straight, on point payments expertise!”.

Sandra Mianda.
Founder & Codirector Paypr.work
Get to know us

More than 20 years’ experience in the industry


Fernando brings his experience with PayPal, Berlin Brands Group, Boacompra by Pagseguro, Payyo, Flow and Bexs. Co-founder of ZecureBuy, Start Up on the logistics space. Involved in advising, consulting and managing operations for payment companies in Latin America since 2012 and in payments & Ecommerce since 2004.

Masters degree in international E-Business (Icex Ceco) and Diploma in Data Protection. (Catholic Lisbon).


Manuel has experience since 2002 as a business manager. Entrepreneur since 2009, he has been the owner of a certified Prestashop Silver agency from 2014 to 2018. PayPal partner since 2013. Trustly partner (2013 – 2016) Official professor of Prestashop in Malaga and of the ecommerce module in the I Retail Master of the Malaga University.

Graduated and specialized in international road transport, freight forwarder and consignee in the EU.


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